Our store(s)!

Our store(s)!

Gentlemen's umbrellas

Perfect complement of elegance and good taste

If you would like to buy men's umbrellas with a simple and refined style, then come to us. We are Casa de Diego and we have been selling high-quality umbrellas in our shops for over 150 years in Madrid, where we are currently very well-known.

These pieces are made using a frame of 61cm long ribs and materials such as nylon, rayon and the so-called "Casa de Diego Special". The handles are made using a variety of materials from plastic right through to precious wood, nickel or even sterling silver. Each and every one of our umbrellas includes a made-to-measure cover, the perfect accessory for elegance and good taste.

If you would like to buy gentlemen's umbrellas online, you can choose from our exclusive models: