Our store(s)!

Our store(s)!


We have a talented team to create our accessories

In Casa de Diego we are dedicated to handcrafting a wide variety of exclusive accessories for ladies and gentlemen. Walking sticks, fans, and umbrellas are just some of our featured products.

We have a qualified team of workers with extensive experience and a great talent for crafting the accessories we sell to perfection. As an example of our dedication to our work, let us show you a series of photographs where you can see the completely handcrafted production of a fan made of mother-of-pearl.

  • Cut out Cut out
  • Fitting Fitting
  • Openwork Openwork
  • Engraved Engraved
  • Pieces Pieces
  • Pleating Pleating
  • Draw Draw
  • Painting Painting

For more information about our work, please do not hesitate to contact us. In Casa de Diego we guarantee top quality products and services.