Our store(s)!

Our store(s)!

Buy veils online

Since 1858 we have satisfied the demand of the Spanish market

If you would like to buy veils online, you can do so in Casa de Diego in a fast, simple and secure way. Visit our online store and be amazed at the beauty of all our products, which are the result of the expert handiwork of the best craftsmen in Madrid.

Our history dates back to 1858 when we opened our first shop in Madrid's symbolic square, the Puerta del Sol. Since then we have satisfied demand in the Spanish market with products such as:

Remember that all of our products have the guarantee and backing that only our brand can offer. Buy one of our pieces and become the proud owner of a unique item, with luxurious finishes and made using the best raw materials available on the market.

Come to our shops, located at number 12 of Madrid's Puerta del Sol and number 4 of Calle de Mesonero Romanos. Our staff are ready to serve you and solve any of your queries. Why not pay us a visit?