Our store(s)!

Our store(s)!

Buy umbrellas online

Become own a unique piece of excellent finishes and unique beauty

If you live in the Spanish capital and appreciate the beauty of exclusively-designed items, it's likely that you'll have heard of us. We are Casa de Diego, a business dedicated to producing and selling walking sticks, fans, ornamental hair combs, castanets and shawls, amongst other things, since the year 1858 when we opened our doors for the first time in the Puerta del Sol.

Our online store is currently available to the public where you can buy umbrellas online. We sell the following items:

Buy one of our umbrellas and become the proud owner of a unique piece of outstanding beauty with an excellent finish. Come to one of our shops or if you prefer you can also phone us on 915 226 643 or 915 310 223. Our staff will help you in a fast and efficient way.